Free Support*
Response time up to
48 h 24 h 8 h 2 h
Time for decision up
1 week ** 36 h ** 18 h ** 4 h **
No fees at all!! C$ 210.00/ month C$ 600.00/ month C$ 1,200.00/ month
Service model
8/5 8/5 8/5 24/7
Content Management System

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& other

More detailed information
The request is accepted
Online WEB form
Online WEB form
Online WEB form
By phone
Online WEB form
By phone
Reaction time
up to 48 hours up to 24 hours up to 8 hours up to 2 hours
Time to solve**
up to 1 week up to 36 hours up to 18 hours up to 4 hours
Urgent requests**
- - 1 2
Consultations on questions of CMS
CMS license renewal
SSL certificate installation
Additional modules installation
Third-party systems integration
Consultation on Google products
Server support
Allocated time to task
- 3 h 7 h 15 h
Discount for additional work***
- 10 % 15 % 20 %

Existing customers or those who use Bitrix: Site Management product and have a valid technical support from ‘Britix’ up to 2 requests per month; we give up to 2 hours per month. For additional work standard charges apply.

If problem solution requires CMS manufacturer consultation, this period may be extended. Client is informed personally.

Additional works or works not included in the SLA terms and conditions subject to additional discount hourly cost rates. Hourly rate is equal to C$80/hour. Urgent requests and requests performed out of normal working hours will be charged double.
All shown prices are without taxes.